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Yo, I'm Marlee.
Cool, Calm and Collected.
Health, Fitness, Sex, Alcohol and Rock& Roll.
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Simply Complicated

"Take every chance, drop every fear"

19. April 2014

Over the past 2ish weeks, ive been through all the break-up stages.
And Im finally happy and at acceptance.

Earlier this week I reached out and just told him there are no hard feelings.
Even though, the whole situation still boils my blood.
I just wanted calm waters between us, even if I never see his stupid face again.

Because at this point, I dont really give two fucks.

I did not like the person I was with him, and that should be what is the most important.
And now, single. Im the happiest I’ve been in a long time.
And thats so good for me.

Because the only person I should be in a relationship with is me right now.

And who wants a selfish fucking boy anyways.
Not even 19 yet,
breaks up with me….over a text message.
then goes on to only talk about himself when I go out of my comfort zone to ease the waters.
Im sorry but, if I broke up with someone.
Like I did with my exes, and they reached out to me.
I would ask how THEY are doing and THEIR lives.
How fucking selfish are you to be like
“Ive learned a lot about myself”“Im learning what I want”“Im doing better”

Grow the fuck up, the world does not revolve around you.

Anyways, this whole situation made me realize how much better i deserve.
I am such a giving person.
always give give give.
and all he ever did was take take take.
and be selfish in and outside of the bedroom.
Like, fuck that.
I deserve a prive charming.
Im a great person with an amazing heart and I deserve it.

So i really don’t even care if I never talk to him again.
Hes in his own fucking world, and Im perfectly happy in my 21+ world.
Going out, partying, being with friends and hooking up still.
Im happy here.
I. am. happy.

Titanic (1997)

Sahara Ray